IdeaScope Feedback Management
IdeaScope is a professional Customer Feedback Management system

IdeaScope is a hosted feedback management solution for software product development that makes it easy for your product team to gain greater insight for producing high-value products. Make your product feedback process more efficient. Save time and involve more stakeholders without significant costs.

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Ryma Technology Solutions IdeaScope wins AIPMM 2006 Product Mangement Excellence Award

IdeaScope Testimonials

Monster Government Solutions provides technology solutions and consulting services to support the human capital challenges facing its federal, state, and local government customers. Placing a premium on customer contact, we rely on feedback from our clients. We also encourage internal suggestions for both existing offerings and new solutions. IdeaScope provides a simple interface from our user group website to capture that information from our key stakeholders. Moreover, it provides a powerful and customizable engine to organize, analyze, and report on the important data collected. With its custom fields, we track more than just an idea or suggestion; we capture its business reason, priority, and organization-specific details. We have always valued customer feedback, now we have IdeaScope to make the most of it in planning and developing our products and services.

~Michael DiCarlo
Senior Business Analyst
Monster Government Solutions

Client feedback has come from multiple sources, creating challenges in consolidating client concepts, as well as exposing these concepts to a larger audience. Embedding IdeaScope within our software products will enable us to streamline communication, capture requests in context to the user's experience and provide a continuous feedback loop with our clients. This meaningful communication will create alignment between our clients' needs and our product development initiatives.

~George Hechtel
Senior Director, Product Management
Premier, Inc.

We needed a way to easily centralize and provide visibility of client enhancement requests to our product development teams. Customer feedback is an integral part of our product development strategy. IdeaScope provides us a collaborative setting where we evaluate, discuss, and manage customers’ enhancement requests.

~Mike Breslow
Executive VP Research and Development

We chose IdeaScope because it offered us a sound method for gathering and prioritizing potential resources, features, and services using direct client feedback. We preferred a solution which required little investment in technical and staff resources. As we implement this product further and gradually include it in other projects, we plan to take full advantage of IdeaScope's more advanced features.

~Karen R. Harker
MLS, Librarian
A major medical institution

We chose IdeaScope for our Product Feedback System as a way to manage numerous enhancement requests and continuously keep their customers in the loop on the status of their requests. We have 8 product lines and needed to streamline our customer request process and keep the requestors apprised of the status of their ideas. IdeaScope not only organizes and prioritizes our customer and employee feedback, it eliminates duplicate requests and tracks how many people are asking for the same thing.

~Karim Lokas
Senior Director of Product Strategy and Management
Camstar, Inc.

We currently use IdeaScope to collect ideas and suggestions from associates on such topics as corporate direction and strategy and process improvement. Additionally, we enjoy the benefit of using IdeaScope's survey capability to measure levels of satisfaction in the areas of human resources, internal audit, corporate communications, legal and R&D. Most recently, Mannatech's executive team used IdeaScope to capture associate feedback in real time during a 2-day workshop for 360 presidential level associates, allowing all participants to have an active voice in the direction and strategy of the company for the coming year. Table leaders facilitated the discussion, managing the voting of over 1000 ideas and capturing the results in IdeaScope.

~Rafael Hernández
Manager, Global Communications

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