IdeaScope Feedback Management
IdeaScope is a professional Customer Feedback Management system

IdeaScope is a hosted feedback management solution for software product development that makes it easy for your product team to gain greater insight for producing high-value products. Make your product feedback process more efficient. Save time and involve more stakeholders without significant costs.

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Ryma Technology Solutions IdeaScope wins AIPMM 2006 Product Mangement Excellence Award

Why IdeaScope?

Increases Revenue. Knowing what product features are of high value allows you to deliver products that your customers embrace leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Increases Productivity. Visibility of high value features by management and the development team ensures that resources are being applied to the right things so time to market is minimized.

Saves Time & Money. Quickly creates a multi-channel communication environment with no software to install or maintain, that is available on a global basis and requires minimal training and orientation. Features & Benefits

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IdeaScope in Action

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